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A Team You Can Count On

The Leaders of travel groups have a lot of responsibility - your members are counting on you for a quality experience. At Diamond Tours, we realize how much trust you are putting in us to deliver on your behalf. With more than 30 years of experience in group motorcoach tours, we have developed the most professional, customer-focused system in our industry. Whether it's in our office or at the destination, we're there to take care of you and your group.

Destination Managers

When you're at the destination with your group, we want everything to go perfectly smooth. To support you, Diamond Tours' team of over 25 Destination Managers are spread across the United States at the various destinations we serve. Our uniformed, professional, and courteous team of Destination Managers are there to make sure the vendors are ready for your group, to help if there is an emergency, or to simply be there with a smile.

Our Customer Service Team

Our group travel leaders usually book our tours six to eighteen months in advance. While you're promoting a bus tour, you need a professional customer service team to support you in your efforts to fill your bus. At Diamond Tours, the customer service team in our office is the best in the business. Whether you need more promotional flyers mailed to you, have questions you need answered, or anything else, you can count on us to help you.

Tour Managers

We have a saying in our office: "Confirm. Confirm. Confirm". When it's time to book the vendors for your tour and create your group's unique itinerary, every element of the process must be attended to flawlessly. At Diamond Tours, our team of Tour Managers execute the details of your tour with the utmost professionalism. From incredibly detailed itineraries to point by point directions for your bus driver, we execute all the details of each tour seamlessly.

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