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The #1 Bus Tour Company in America

Since 1987, THOUSANDS of bus tour planners from all across the USA, and OVER TWO MILLION of their members have traveled with Diamond Tours. We are the largest bus tour company in America dealing exclusively in motorcoach group travel. If you plan the bus trips for a travel group, travel organization, or bus company, we are the perfect solution for your needs. If you are an individual traveler or small group, you can join a tour in your area.

How it All Began

When Diamond Tours started over thirty years ago, we offered one bus tour destination and all of our customers were in one state. Groups were so satisfied with our incredible expertise and low prices, they kept asking us to handle all of their group's bus tours instead of our competition. Eventually, we started saying 'Yes'!

Month after month, the word started spreading to groups in many states. Today, Diamond Tours offers over 30 incredible bus tours to travel groups located in every single state in America except Alaska, California, and Hawaii.

The Best Company - Amazing Prices

There is a reason why we have grown the way we have - we are the best at what we do. And because of our volume of business, you will be amazed at the low prices of our tours. No one can even come close to the value we provide for our low prices.

Instant Pricing

Unlike other bus tour companies, Diamond Tours doesn't need to "work up a quote" and get back to you for a tour you are interested in. We are the ONLY bus tour company that has done ALL that work in advance – for EVERY potential starting location in America! Amazing, right?

Simply go through our secure, quick, and simple registration process, so we know your group's starting location and the type of group you have. You will instantly have access to all of the prices and itineraries for all of our tours!