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Preserving a Legacy

Step back into the 1940s at the National Museum of the Pacific War during a San Antonio bus trip. Unlike other museums in the Continental U.S., the National Museum of the Pacific War is the only museum in the area that takes an exclusive look at the Pacific Theater battles of World War II.

Established in the late 60s, the original museum was housed in the Nimitz Hotel and was intended to honor the great Admiral Nimitz.  While the museum continues to honor Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz to this day, its prime focus has since shifted, and it is now an exclusive Pacific War museum that preserves the legacy of those who served and died during the Pacific War.

The National Museum of the Pacific War has evolved into a dynamic experience that speaks to people from many different cultures and backgrounds. From the 50,000 square feet of exhibits to the museum’s remarkable collection of artifacts, discover the complete story of the Pacific Theater battles of World War II during your hour and a half trip to the National Museum of the Pacific War.

National Museum of the Pacific War in San Antonio National Museum of the Pacific War
Entrance to Museum of the Pacific War, San Antonio Entrance to Museum of the Pacific War
Outside National Museum of the Pacific War Outside the Museum of the Pacific War
Memorial Courtyard, Pacific War Museum San Antonio Memorial Courtyard at the Pacific War Museum

The Complete Story of the Pacific Theater Battles

Plaza of Presidents

Start your time at the National Museum of the Pacific War in the Plaza of Presidents an exhibit that recognizes the contributions of presidents who served during World War II. From Franklin Roosevelt to George H.W. Bush, you can admire the bronze plaques that honor the military services of ten American presidents at this tranquil, outdoor exhibit.


George Bush Gallery

In the George Bush Gallery you can explore presentations, testimonials and unique artifacts that tell the story of the Pacific War. The room’s East-Asian character makes the clear distinction between the Pacific War and the European war that took place around the same time period.


Admiral Nimitz Museum

Born in Fredericksburg, Texas, Fleet Admiral Nimitz was one of the most respected leaders of the Pacific campaign during World War II. Not only did this man make significant contributions to his country during the Pacific War, but dedicated his life to serving in the United States Navy.

Pay your respects to America’s last surviving Fleet Admiral in the Nimitz Museum. Located in the historic Nimitz Hotel, the museum provides visitors with information about the man who had such a great impact on the Pacific War. Learn about the Nimitz heritage and what drove Chester Nimitz to make such significant accomplishments throughout his lifetime.


Don’t Miss Out on the USS Nimitz (CV-68)

The remarkable, 15 foot USS Nimitz (CV-68) is a model of one of the original Nimitz-class supercarriers that was commissioned in 1975. These nuclear-powered supercarriers are made to carry U.S. Navy aircrafts and remain the largest capital ship carriers to this day.

Pacific Combat Zone

Take a guided tour of the Pacific Combat Zone.This unique indoor/ outdoor exhibit stretches across three acres. As your tour guide leads you through various combat zones including an island battlefield, the hangar deck of an aircraft carrier and other combat zones, you will gain a better understanding of the intense struggles that Allied and Japanese forces faced during the Pacific War.


Memorial Courtyard

Honor the individuals, ships and units of the Pacific War. Plaques hang from the old, limestone walls of the Memorial Courtyard and names can be found engraved in the stones that makeup the Veterans’ Walk of Honor in memory of those who served during the Pacific War.


Japanese Garden of Peace

Made up of stones, plants and water, the authentic Japanese Garden of Peace was a gift given by the Japanese military to the American people in honor of Admiral Nimitz. Explore the replica of Admiral Togo’s garden and discover the significant meaning behind the black and white stones, raked gravel and the stream that surrounds this peaceful garden.


Nimitz Education and Research Center

The Nimitz Education and Research Center preserves, protects and promotes the incredible story of the Pacific War. The center not only provides historians and students with research opportunities, but takes measures to ensure the history of the Pacific War is accurate and complete. Get lost in old photographs, manuscripts, documents and over 3,700 recorded interviews from the Pacific War.


Admiral Nimitz Foundation Museum Store

Discover books, DVDs, collectibles, souvenirs and more in the Admiral Nimitz Foundation Museum Store. Take something home for yourself or a souvenir for a loved one, there is something everyone can enjoy in the gift shop.

Travel Tips

  • While all areas of the  National Museum of the Pacific War are accessible by wheelchair, it is important you let your reservations agent know ahead of time, so that they can make sure to accommodate your group in the most convenient and comfortable setting. Wheelchairs and motorized chairs are also provided at the museum free of charge for those who need them.


  • Guided tours of the Pacific Combat Zone take place from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. at the start of each hour. If you would like to be part of the Pacific Combat Zone guided tour, make sure you plan your time accordingly.