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A Medieval Vision

From its European elegance to its splendor, step back in time and explore Casa Loma House and Grounds, part of our Niagara Falls and Toronto bus tour.

Former home to Canadian financier Sir Henry Pellatt, a ‘medieval castle’ on the brow of a hill overlooking Toronto was a life-long-dream of Sir Henry Pellatt. Constructed over a three year period, the Gothic Revival style house was completed in 1914 at the cost of $3,500,000.

Explore the secret passages, decorated suites, 800-foot tunnel, towers, stables and breathtaking grounds during your one and a half hour, self-guided tour of Casa Loma.

Casa Loma House and Grounds

Your tour of Casa Loma will begin with the award nominated film, Pellatt Newsreel: the Man Who Built Casa Loma. This unique 22-minute docudrama traces the roots of Sir Henry’s life from his beginnings as an enterprising stockbroker to his financial demise that drove him out of his ‘medieval castle.’

The Main Floor

After an extraordinary film, start your exploration of Casa Loma on the main floor. As you enter Casa Loma you will come into the Great Hall, the 60 ft high ceiling makes it one of the focal points of the home. As you turn right you’ll make your way down Peacock Alley, a corridor that stretches from the Great Hall to the Conservatory. The Library can be found to the right of Peacock Alley and has a collection of over 10,000 books. Known for the detailed pattern in the oak floor, guests can admire the different shadings from each end of the room. To the left of the Library is Sir Henry’s Study. Decorated in mahogany, discover the secret doors concealed on both sides of the fireplace. Further down the corridor is the Pellatt’s Dining Room. Once used to entertain guests, it’s lined with Circassian walnut and separated from the Library by unique panelling. Just across from the Dining Room is the Serving Room, often used as a breakfast room, you can examine original Pellatt furniture once used by the Pellatts themselves. At the end of Peacock Alley is the Conservatory. From the Italian and Ontario marble flooring to the remarkable stained glass dome, the Conservatory is one-of-a-kind.

Second Floor

Ride an elevator to the second floor of the family home. As you step off the elevator you will find Sir Henry Pallett’s Suite located across the hall. In Sir Henry’s Suite, another secret storage space can be found beside the fireplace rumored to have been the hiding place for confidential documents. Next to Sir Henry’s Suite, enter the financier’s personal bathroom. Unique to Sir Henry’s Bathroom is the shower, structured to completely surround the body with spray using six taps controlled by three levels of pipes. Further down the second floor corridor is Lady Pallet’s Suite, painted in Lady Pallet’s favorite color: Wedgewood blue. Off Lady Pallet’s Suite is her personal bathroom, while smaller than Sir Henry’s bathroom, it is equipped with a bidet, a rare feature during the Canadian era. As you exit Lady Pallet’s chambers, you’ll come to the Guest Suite, elegant in appearance; the Guest Suite is adjoined to the Maids Quarters.

Third Floor

Climb the stairs to the third level of the Pallett home to discover how Sir Henry achieved the rank of a Major General in the Queen’s Own Rifles in the Queen’s Own Rifle Museum. For the climbers, the Scottish Tower and Norman Tower offer breathtaking views of the city. Up several steps from the landing you can also discover what was once been the servant’s room.

Lower Floor

After you’ve explored the castle’s high grounds, venture to the lower level of the Pallett home. Directly beneath the Conservatory you’ll find a swimming pool. While the original plans called for cloisters, marble arches and gold swans around the swimming pool, the construction was never completed. Directly connected to Sir Henry’s Study by one of the secret passages is the Wine Cellar, once used to chill Sir Henry’s collection of nearly 18,000 bottles of wine and champagne.  Tunnels connected to the Horse Stables can also be found on the lower level and run 18 ft below ground.


Admire Casa Loma’s six acre grounds. The colorful gardens and picturesque landscape are just as, if not more breathtaking than the home itself. While guests are free to roam through the wooded hillside full of colorful wild flowers, ferns and decorative grasses, they can also explore the Potting Shed, used as a place to plant material for use throughout the garden. The Stables and Carriage Room can also be found on the grounds and offer insight into the horses and carriages of the 19th century.

Shopping and Dining at Casa Loma Castle


After you’ve explored Casa Loma’s house and grounds, head back to the lower floor of the house to rejuvenate in the Castle Café. Originally built as Sir Henry’s private exercise room, guests can now enjoy light snacks or lunch here.

Gift Shop

Take home something to remember your time at Casa Loma, or something special for a loved one. Casa Loma’s Gift Shop is located next to the Castle Café and offers unique gifts and keepsakes.