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Head to New Orleans’  National WWII Museum. Part of our New Orleans’ bus tour, the museum is situated in the warehouse/art district and allows you to experience World War II through the eyes of the men and women who lived through it.

Founded in 2000 by historian and author, Stephen Ambrose who wanted all generations to understand the price of freedom, the National WWII Museum was originally known as the National D-Day Museum. Its campus did not expand until 2003 when it was officially designated as America’s National WWII Museum by Congress.

Today the National WWII Museum sees visitors from all over the world who come to hear the story of America at war- on land, in the air and at sea. Hear personal stories and discover collections that bring World War II to life in the museum’s galleries during your two and a half hour, self-guided tour of the National WWII Museum.

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World War II through the Eyes of Those Who Lived It

Beyond All Boundaries

Start your time at the museum in Solomon Victory Theater and watch one of the museum’s newest features “Beyond All Boundaries.” As World War II unfolds before your eyes on the giant panoramic screen, experience 4-D, in-theater effects including “snow” falling as winter sets in on the screen, theater seats that shake and shudder as tanks draw near, and “smoke” from an airplane engine.



Currently housed in three different buildings, the museum’s galleries cover the epic and global scale of World War II.


Louisiana Memorial Pavilion

Step into 1939 when America only had the 18th largest army in the world and German, Japan and Italy were on the road to war, or follow the American Campaign in the Pacific Theater of Operations during World War II. The Louisiana Memorial Pavilion tells the stories of dozens of amphibious landings including the Normandy Invasion.



See fascinating macro-artifacts including a Douglas C-47, a fully functional, replica LVP and other special exhibits in the Atrium.


Home Front

Start your exploration of World War II in the Home Front. Here you can learn about the background of the war, enlist in the Armed forces, join efforts on the Home Front, or build a Higgins Boat on the bay.


D-Day Beaches

Step off your Higgins Boat, discover artifacts and listen to stories of individual soldiers who put a human face on the most decisive day of the Second World War in the D-Day Beaches exhibit.


D-Day Planning

Climb the pavilion stairs to the D-Day Planning exhibit. Explore the deadly weapons awaiting the Allies and meet the commanders of Operation Overload. In the D-Day Planning exhibit, guests will begin to understand what the Allies faced in Normandy.


Pacific D-Days

Discover artifacts, photographs and maps which follow the American campaign in the Pacific Theater of Operations during World War II in the Pacific D-Days exhibit.


US Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center

The US Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center honors the millions of men and women who served in uniform and the untold number of citizens who served their country while the freedom of the world hung in the air. Discover a number of warbirds, tanks and jeeps restored to their original wartime glory, or see the USS Tang Submarine, the most successful submarine of World War II.


The Final Mission: The USS Tang Experience

Climb aboard the USS Tang Submarine for its fifth and final war patrol and relive the epic battle of the USS Tang that took place on October 25, 1944.



From the North American B-25 Mitchell to the Consolidated B-24 Liberator, see US-made aircrafts that symbolized the might of the American people working together for victory during World War II in the Warbirds exhibit.


Vehicles of War

See the Dodge WC -54 Ambulance, the M3A1 Stuart Tank, the M4 Sherman Tank and the White M3 Half-Track. The Vehicles of War exhibit demonstrates what an integral part of life vehicles were during the Second World War.


Service and Sacrifice

The Service and Sacrifice experience allows guests to honor American patriots who dedicated their lives to the United States. Use interactive touch screens to scroll through profiles of veterans, some veterans went on to serve as Presidents, Vice Presidents, Supreme Court Justices, Senators and Representatives.


The Laborde Services

The Laborde Services exhibit respects the millions of men and women who served in the US Armed Forces during World War II. Discover their stories through interactive exhibits and oral histories.


What Would You Do

Put yourself in the shoes of the men and women of World War II. What Would You do is an interactive exhibit that presents you with difficult decision making scenarios that individuals would have been faced with during World War II.


John E. Kushner Restoration Pavilion

Get a behind the scenes look at the restoration and preservation of priceless World War II artifacts in the John E. Kushner Restoration Pavilion. Here guest can discover first-hand techniques used by conservators to repair and restore boats, vehicles, weapons, military equipment and other artifacts which played a crucial role in World War II.

Travel Tip

  • All areas of the National World War II Museum are accessible by wheelchair. It is important you let your reservations agent know ahead of time if you or someone in your party is handicapped, so that they can make sure to accommodate your group in the most convenient and comfortable setting.
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