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Borglum Historical Center

Visit the Borglum Historical Center on our Mount Rushmore motorcoach trip. Learn about the sculptor behind Mount Rushmore National Memorial and how Gutzon Borglum carved and created this  national treasure.

Borglum Historical Center, Keystone South Dakota Borglum Historical Center, Keystone, SD
The Exclusive Borglum Movie at the Borglum Center Look Back during the Exclusive Borglum Movie
An Exhibit at the Borglum Historical Center SD Explore the Borglum Center's Many Exhibits
Borglum Historical Center, Keystone SD Inside the Borglum Historical Center
Artifacts at the Borglum Historical Center SD Historic Artifacts Await You

The Man behind Mount Rushmore

Born in 1867 in St. Charles, Idaho, Gutzon Borglum was later educated at Harvard Technical College and excelled in many fields. Passionate about art and sculpting, it did not take long for Borglum to gain recognition. Today Borglum’s statues and sculptures are well known throughout different parts of the world. In Washington DC a statue of General Philip Sheridan can be found that was once referred to by Theodore Roosevelt as “first rate."

A Brief History

Gutzon Borglum along with help and support from his son Lincoln Borglum and 400 workers started sculpting the faces of four American presidents into the granite face of Mount Rushmore in 1927. The faces of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt were sculpted into the granite to celebrate 150 years of American history. Borglum completed monument after 14 years of hard work.

Visiting the Borglum Historical Center

Explore Gutzon Borglum’s world at the Borglum Historical Center. From meeting the people who influenced the sculptor most to examining replicas of some of his greatest works, uncover what drove and inspired a man to do things that most men half his age were incapable of.

The Historical Borglum Tour

The Historical Borglum Tour provides guests with enriching information and an understanding of the history of Mount Rushmore. From who conceived the idea to the technicalities behind sculpting it, the Historical Borglum Tour provides all of the details behind Mount Rushmore. The self guided audio tour allows you to move throughout the large museum at your own pace. Get to know the family and close friends behind the artist, or hold your breath as you watch the terrifying scene of Borglum and his men as they work on Mount Rushmore with nothing to stop them from plummeting to the ground except for thin cables. All you have to do is point and click your wand at the exhibits throughout the Borglum tour that interest you most to hear interesting information.

The Lincoln Eye

The exact replica of the Lincoln Eye is not to be missed providing guests with the extraordinary opportunity to examine the Lincoln Eye up close. The pupil, a 20-inch shaft of granite looks as though it twinkles when the sun shines on it. Only the pure genius of Borglum could have designed such a realistic looking eye.

The Exclusive Borglum Film

Look back with former Senator Tom Daschle as he narrates the Borglum exclusive film. Not only does the interactive film allow you to ride to the top of Mount Rushmore in a cable car with Gutzon Borglum himself,  but provides historic footage of workers carving the Mount Rushmore Memorial.