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LL Bean, Freeport, Maine

After inventing the Maine Hunting Shoe, also known as the “Bean Boot”, avid outdoorsman, Leon Loenwood Bean, founded his company in 1912 as a retailer of quality outdoor gear.  Occupying the same location for more than 100 years, the LL Bean Flagship Store is the largest and first LL Bean store.  Bean was the first retailer to implement the “100% satisfaction guarantee” which remains in effect to this day.

While LL Bean is most famous for its outdoor gear such as camping equipment, fishing gear, casual sportswear, and of course, their world renowned shoes and boots, there is truly something for everyone at the Flagship Store.  Here, you can also purchase souvenirs, gifts, scented pillows, pure maple syrup, cookbooks, and much, much more.

LL Bean is more than just shopping

It’s not just about the shopping either!  The LL Bean Flagship Store also boasts plenty activities as well as a plethora of things to see.  Watch the trout swim in their indoor pond.  Or visit the 24 foot long, 3,500 gallon Riverbed Aquarium and see brilliant colors of the many species of fish swimming by.  Taxidermy animals are on display throughout the store for your education and wonderment, including the famous display “The Final Charge” which depicts two Maine Bull Moose with their antlers locked in battle.  The company celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2012, and examples of their history are displayed throughout the store, giving a feel of a visit to a museum.  If you are truly a lover of the outdoors, or just like to take in the scenery, the company also offers free, horse-drawn wagon ride.  The Flagship store also offers various free demonstrations, clinics, workshops and taste testing daily.

1912 Cafe

Hungry?  The 1912 Cafe offers a variety of delicious menu options such as fresh salads with your choice of in-store made dressings, wraps, oven baked sandwiches, and of course, several famous Maine seafood chowders.

Nestled between the four free standing structures that make up the Flagship Store’s campus is Discovery Park, where past daily free activities included live concerts, farmers’ markets, and festivals.

The LL Bean Flagship store is much more than just a shopping trip, it’s an adventure!