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Amish Experience in Pennsylvania Dutch Country

Situated in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country between Bird-in-Hand and Intercourse villages is the Amish Experience at Plain & Fancy Farm. Since 1959 the Amish Experience has been the definitive Amish interpretive center. It offers tours of Lancaster County’s only officially designated “Heritage Site” Amish House and One-Room School and is home to the Amish Experience Theater featuring the F/X production of “Jacob’s Choice.” 

The Amish Experience

The Amish Experience

Get a Glimpse into the Past

Get a Glimpse into the Past

Experience the Amish Lifestyle

Experience the Amish Lifestyle

The Amish Experience The Amish Experience
Get a Glimpse into the Past Get a Glimpse into the Past
Experience the Amish Lifestyle Experience the Amish Lifestyle

About the Amish

Nearly 65 miles west of Philadelphia in Lancaster County is Pennsylvania Dutch Country, home to the Amish community.  Persecuted for their faith in their native European countries, many of these people came to Pennsylvania during the early 1800s when William Penn, founder of the Province of Pennsylvania, was promoting religious and cultural freedom. Today Pennsylvania Amish Country is the largest Amish community in the United States. Its people continue to preserve the Amish lifestyle and culture through living simple and non-materialistic lives.

The Amish Experience

See and feel what it means to be Amish during your visit to Plain & Fancy Farm. Your Amish Experience will start with a 40-minute viewing of “Jacob’s Choice” in the Amish Experience Theater. Take a tour of the Fisher Homestead and One-Room School House to discover how the Amish live and learn.

The Amish Experience Theater

Take a seat in the F/X Theater, specifically designed to break down the barrier between audience and movie screen. The theater features five different projection screens, 100,000 watts of theatrical lighting, custom-designed mechanical special effects, four-dimensional sound imagery, an original musical score and ghosting effects.

The FX Production of Jacob’s Choice

“Jacob’s Choice” is an introduction to and overview of the Amish uniquely told by the Fishers, a fictional, Old Order Amish family of today.  Journey with Jacob Fisher as he chooses between family, faith and community versus life in the outside world. Learn about the religious persecution of the Fisher’s forefathers and their journey to America with added special effects such as wind, rain, smoke and fire. This compelling story about faith, tradition and loved ones in an ever-changing world is a touching story that will leave you with a true understanding of what it means to be Amish.

Amish Homestead

Step inside the home of fictional family Daniel and Lizzie Fisher, first introduced in the Amish Experience Theater’s production of “Jacob’s Choice” and explore how the Amish of today live at home. During your guided tour of the homestead, you will learn about Amish traditions and practices. A pantry stocked full of freshly canned vegetables, the Fisher’s plain clothes and propane-powered lamps and air-compressor driven appliances used in place of electricity all provide insight into the unique culture of the Amish.

The One-Room School House

Attached to the Fisher Family Homestead is the One-Room School House. Learn about the tradition of teaching eight grades in one room. Make sure you have your camera ready, authentic desks and furnishings from an Amish school provide the perfect photo opportunity.

Travel Tips

-          The Fisher Family Homestead Tour lasts approximately 45 minutes.


-          Don’t forget your camera. There will be exciting photo opportunities at the Amish Experience.