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Holy Land Experience

If you are looking for something off the beaten path, climb aboard our Orlando, Florida bus tour as we explore one of Orlando's most exciting and unique attractions: The Holy Land Experience.

Have you ever wanted to step back into Biblical times and wondered what it might be like to experience for yourself what those historical happenings in ancient Jerusalem might have been like? Now's your chance! We'd like to invite you to join us as we journey through The Holy Land Experience – a Christian theme park with something for everyone.

Unlike a traditional "amusement" park focused on thrill rides and entertainment, the Holy Land Experience in central Florida is a Christian theme park dedicated to providing you with a meaningful opportunity to see inspiring shows, witness moving performances, explore exhibits, and engage in emotional experiences you will never forget.

The following breakdown of the Holy Land Experience reviews all of the exciting shows, performances and attractions you can expect to see on your visit.

Holy Land Experience, Orlando, Florida A Living Biblical Museum
Performance at the Holy Land Experience in Orlando See the Bible Come to Life in Orlando, FL
Two Actors Performing at the Holy Land Experience Musical Presentation in Orlando's Holy Land
Holy Land Experience, Orlando, Florida An Exciting and Unique Orlando Attraction
Nativity Scene at the Holy Land Experience Nativity Scene at the Holy Land Experience

Inspirational and Moving Live Shows & Performances!!

The Passion – We Shall Behold Him

The most popular production on the roster is also one of the newest: "The Passion – We Shall Behold Him." The Holy Land Experience's retelling of the greatest act of love in human history goes one step further than traditional reenactments of the Easter story: you will get to witness why it was all worth it when Jesus returns as the King of Kings and Savior of mankind!


Another all new Holy Land Experience production weaves together three classic tales of redemption in "Forgiven." Comprehend the power of repentance and forgiveness as told through the familiar and perhaps not so familiar stories of beloved Biblical characters. Observe David and Bathsheba's forbidden passion bringing dire consequences; the prophet Hosea, chosen by God to love the unlovable; and finally, the conclusion through the Apostle Paul's personal testimony of the thorn in his flesh – a journey you will not want to miss!


Seeing is believing, and the characters in a brand new Holy Land Experience live show can attest to this first-hand! "Legna" is a smart, modern take on the classic Bible stories of Daniel and the Lion's Den and Peter and Rhoda – two of the most supernatural stories in the Good Book – and will leave you inspired and looking out for miracles in your own life. In this uplifting presentation, find out for yourself how nothing lightens your spirits quite like a good laugh!

Four Women Who Loved Jesus

One of the goals of any great production on the stage is to present the written word to an audience in a way in which it has never been seen before. "Four Women Who Loved Jesus" is an original Holy Land Experience drama that does just that: it breathes new life into timeless tales. Watch the transforming power of devotion to Christ as seen through the eyes of four women, bonded together through a deep love of the Lord Jesus.

Last Supper – Communion with Christ

Experience the breaking of the bread and the drinking of the wine like never before! The Holy Land Experience's communion allows you to "dine" with Jesus through the partaking of the bread and the cup, symbolizing Jesus's body and blood, signifying the greatness of His sacrifice. An emotional and special moment that will stay with you long after you leave!

An Unparalleled Experience from Start to Finish!!

The live shows and performances are just one aspect of what you will enjoy here: this portion of the Holy Land Experience review details everything else you can look forward to when you visit this wonderful attraction in Orlando, Florida.

From the moment you enter the gates of the Holy Land Experience, you are taken back in time on a voyage through the past. Imagine yourself walking in the footsteps of those who have gone before you as you make your way down the city streets of Jerusalem and meander through the marketplace.

Interact with Jerusalem's own merchants and vendors while you experience shopping Middle Eastern style!

Smell the enticing aromas from the street carts, dine on authentic Israeli delicacies at the coffee shop, and grab a seat at the Oasis Palms Café restaurant.

Listen to the sounds of live street performers and enjoy photo opportunities with characters from Jerusalem and well-known stories from the Bible – you never know who you'll encounter!

With all that the Holy Land Experience has to offer in the city streets of Jerusalem, there's even more awaiting you that you absolutely must encounter during your visit. Here are some of the standouts that must not be missed.

Highlights and Must-See Exhibits:

Model of Jerusalem

For the architecture and history buff, examine the world's largest indoor model of its kind, the Model of Jerusalem, which is a massive 45 by 25 foot reconstruction straight out of the history books. With exquisite authentic structural details designed to take you back to ancient Jerusalem and show you what it looked like at the height of its splendor, the exhibit conducts daily presentations charting the history of the city during the time of King David and beyond.

The Scriptorium: Center for Biblical Antiquities

For the archeologist and knowledge-seeker in all of us, visit The Scriptorium: Center for Biblical Antiquities, which houses the Van Kampen Collection, one of the world's largest private collections of rare Bibles, scrolls, artifacts and biblical manuscripts. Through the use of these ancient texts, the exhibit details how the Word of God has been preserved and transmitted through history and documents the incredible journey of the Bible from ancient Babylon, through Martin Luther's Reformation, all the way to its arrival in America. On loan to the Holy Land Experience since 2002, this collection is one of the greatest historical assemblages in existence that you must see for yourself!

Prayer Gardens

For the lovers of beauty in nature and seekers of solitude and reflection, be sure to visit the Holy Land Experience's three Prayer Gardens. Evoking thoughts of Jesus' prayers in the Garden of Gethsemane, find a moment to utter your own prayers in these lush and pristine paradises.

Wilderness Tabernacle

For Jewish visitors and others captivated by the lives of the children of Israel, visit the heart of worship in the Wilderness Tabernacle where the High Priest explains the intricacies of the tabernacle and the importance of its prescribed rituals in daily presentations.

A Look at the Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ

But for those seeking enlightenment and insight into the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, this is where the Holy Land Experience truly shines. From the Christus Gardens allowing a devotional walk through Jesus' life from his birth, crucifixion and final resurrection, to Calvary's Garden Tomb that stands empty as a reminder that he lives, to the awe-inspiring and extremely emotional new live production The Passion – We Shall Behold Him, that became an immediate favorite of visitors of all ages, nowhere else celebrates the life of Jesus Christ like the Holy Land Experience.

Travel Tips

-Bring your camera! You will see things here that you cannot find anywhere else on Earth & you are going to want to document your entire journey, from start to finish.

-The entrance to the park has daily schedules and a map, which lists the times of the various shows and encounters and their locations within the park.

-The live shows are the highlight of the Holy Land Experience! Because some shows have multiple performances throughout the day while others have only one showing, and all are subject to change, be sure to check the daily schedule at the beginning of your day and prioritize them in order to take in as many of the wonderful experiences as possible.