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Exploration Tower

Located just 45 miles east of Orlando, Port Canaveral is a premier cruise, cargo and naval port along the East Coast of Florida. As part of The Canaveral Port Authority’s 60th anniversary celebration, the Exploration Tower opened in November of 2013 to provide visitors with both fun and education.

Visit the Exploration Tower!

Visit the Exploration Tower!

Visit the Exploration Tower! Visit the Exploration Tower!

Visiting Exploration Tower

During your visit to Exploration Tower, explore seven floors of galleries and interactive exhibits that will allow you to learn in great depth about Cape Canaveral’s Port and Florida past and present. Indoor and outdoor observation decks offer birds-eye views of Port Canaveral and its surroundings. Shop Port Canaveral and Florida souvenirs in the gift shop or grab a bite in the Exploration Tower café.

Things to Do at Exploration Tower

Port Origins and Fragile Environment

Located on the second floor of Exploration Tower is Port Origins and Fragile Environment, a 2,750-sqaure-foot exhibit space. Learn about the early populations, the first European settlers and the history of the Port. At the heart of the exhibit is a large scale interactive table and map that will let you explore Central Florida over the years. Don’t forget to look down from the second-story foyer at the beautiful sculptures of marine life made of 100% recycled materials.

Leisure and Recreation Theater

On the third floor you’ll find the tower’s 72-seat state-of-the-art theater. Sit back and relax during a movie about the Port Canaveral’s rich history and the key events that helped transform it into the flourishing harbor it is today.

Navigating Port Canaveral

Head to the fifth floor of the tower to learn the ins and outs of the maritime lifestyle and navigate the waterways. Navigating Port Canaveral lets you experience what it is like to be a Port Canaveral harbor pilot using a simulator.

Air and Space Port

Celebrate the frontiers of air and space. Six storys high, the Air and Space Port is an indoor observation level that faces Kennedy Space Center, the birthplace of America’s space program and a renowned Florida attraction.

Outdoor Observation Deck

At the top of Exploration Tower is its outdoor observation deck. Use the latest telescopes for crystal clear views of the nature and wildlife surrounding Port Canaveral. Additionally, the outdoor observation deck boasts spectacular up-close and uninhibited views of the Kennedy Space Center’s launch pads.

Shopping and Dining

The Gift Shop

On the ground floor of the tower you will find its large gift shop. Browse Exploration Tower and Port Canaveral souvenirs that will keep the memory of your visit alive.

Canaveral Café

Take a break in Canaveral Café, boasting a relaxed atmosphere and great food. On the ground floor of the tower, Canaveral Café serves savoury and sweet baked goods and a variety of hot and cold beverages.

Travel Tips

-          Exploration Tower is ADA compliant


-          Don’t forget your camera. There will be exciting photo opportunities during your visit.