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One of the Seven World Wonders

Brave the wild Colorado River or soar above the walls of Arizona’s Grand Canyon. Part of our Grand Canyon bus trip, the IMAX experience at the Grand Canyon Visitor Center offers guests an adventure of a lifetime.

Carved by the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon began to form millions of years ago and is known today as one of the seven natural world wonders because of its remarkable length, width and depth.

From the IMAX movie itself to the resources found in Grand Canyon Visitor Center, discover what makes the Grand Canyon one of the seven world wonders during your time in the Colorado Plateau.  

IMAX Theatre Grand Canyon IMAX Theatre Grand Canyon

The IMAX Experience

The Grand Canyon Visitor’s Center

Situated on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, the Grand Canyon Visitor Center offers guest’s a comprehensive look at the Grand Canyon’s past and present through visual exhibits, three dimensional rock formations and the IMAX movie, Grand Canyon: the Hidden Secrets. Guests who have questions are also welcome to speak to local representatives who can offer useful information. 


IMAX Technology

Using large format film, unique cameras, special screens forty-five hundred times larger than the average screen, IMAX, IMAX 3D and IMAX Dome projectors and the six-channel, multi-way digital IMAX speaker system, Grand Canyon: the Hidden Secrets, is a powerful experience unlike any other.


Grand Canyon: the Hidden Secrets

Brave the wild Colorado River on a simulated river rafting experience, feel the canyon walls at your fingertips, or hang-glide through the majestic Grand Canyon from the comfort of your chair. During your 34-minute IMAX experience delve into an adventure that explores the human history of the Grand Canyon area from the early Native American inhabitants to its tourists of today.


The National Geographic Store

After you’ve experienced, Grand Canyon: the Hidden Secrets, stop by the National Geographic’s Store. From authentic Native American arts and crafts to Grand Canyon Souvenirs, you can find the perfect keepsake for yourself, or a gift for a loved one.


The Explorers Café

With a wide selection of food and beverage choices, guests can choose from Italian, Chinese or American cuisine at the Explorers Café. Whether your appetite is big or small, you are sure to find something that will satisfy your taste buds.

Travel Tip

-The Grand Canyon Visitor Center is wheelchair accessible. If you or someone in your party is handicapped, let your reservations agent know ahead of time, so that the museum can be sure to accommodate your group in the most convenient and comfortable setting.