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Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, Illinois

With its incredible interactive exhibits, uncover some of science’s greatest mysteries at one of the largest science museums in the Western Hemisphere: the Museum of Science and Industry.

First opened in 1893 as the Palace of Fine Arts, it wasn’t until 1933 the building opened its great bronze doors as the Museum of Science and Industry.

Today the Museum of Science and Industry inspires the inventive genius in its millions of visitors annually by providing them with captivating and compelling experiences.

Earth Revealed

Earth Revealed

Outside the Museum of Science and Industry

Outside the Museum of Science and Industry

Pioneer Zephyr Chicago Science Museum

Pioneer Zephyr Chicago Science Museum

Transportation Gallery

Transportation Gallery

U-505 Submarine

U-505 Submarine

Earth Revealed Earth Revealed
Outside the Museum of Science and Industry Outside the Museum of Science and Industry
Pioneer Zephyr Chicago Science Museum Pioneer Zephyr Chicago Science Museum
Transportation Gallery Transportation Gallery
U-505 Submarine U-505 Submarine

Inside the Science and Industry Museum

From permanent exhibits present since the 1930s like Coal Mine to the latest temporary exhibits, spark your imagination and satisfy your curiosity. The Museum of Science and Industry boasts over 35,000 artifacts and nearly 14 acres of hands-on exhibits for you to enjoy.

Science Storms

Why does a wave break? Why does a tornado spin? Why does a flame burn? Science Storms is a permanent exhibit that will allow you to take an in-depth look into the science behind seven natural phenomena.

The Pioneer Zephyr

Head back to May 26, 1934 and witness the record-breaking “ride” that went from Denver to Chicago. During the 20-minute tour, you’ll get to see the train’s many compartments and explore interactive displays that will teach you about the technology and history of the Pioneer Zephyr.

Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle

Donated by 1930s silent film star Colleen Moore in 1949, guests are invited to witness the magic of Fairy Castle for themselves. Take an audio tour throughout the enchanting castle; you’ll delight in the tiny treasures and surprises that can be found in each room.

Earth Revealed

Take an intimate look at Earth in the Museum of Science and Industry’s newest permanent exhibit. 6 ft in diameter and made of solid carbon fiber, the model of Earth is dramatically suspended among computers and video projectors loaded with data sets from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA!

Farm Tech

Out-milk other members in your group using robotic milking technology, see how farmers turn waste into power, steer a tractor and combine, or discover how global positioning systems play an important role in the farms of today. Tech Farm is an exhibit that allows you to explore the newest innovations farmers from around the world use to deliver your favorite foods to your table.

Fast Forward…Inventing the Future

Discover how our future lives are being shaped today in Fast Forward… Inventing the Future. In this immersive multimedia exploration you’ll meet some of the visionaries of today and have the opportunity to test some of their newest innovations.

Genetics and the Baby Chic Hatchery

See genetics come to life, learn about complex technologies and consider the issues concerning current and future genetics. In the Genetics and the Baby Chic Hatchery, you’ll learn how some of these heated issues affect each of our lives. 

Henry Crown Space Center

From rockets to shuttles, rovers to probes, the Henry Crown Space Center offers guests an interactive exploration of the space program covering everything from the early years during the Space Race to what our future in space holds.


Immerse yourself into the wonderful World Wide Web in NetWorld. As soon as you enter the 5,000 sq ft exhibit, you’ll hear the humming of computers, projectors and various other systems all working at once. Enhance your experience, NetWorld provides guests with the unique opportunity to purchase a Netpass card which can be used to digitize the body and create an avatar that will guide and teach you everything you need to know about bits, bandwidth and packet switching.

Ships through the Ages

Marvel in the museum’s collection of authentic ship models. Chronicling different eras in man’s quest to travel the sea, the collection contains 50 ships used for war, passenger transportation and distribution purposes.

Swiss Jolly Ball

Featuring what the Guinness Book of World Records named the largest flipper machine in the world, the Swiss Jolly Ball is a fun and fascinating exhibit home to the a classical pinball machine that stands 7 ft high, 15 ft wide and 5 ft deep.

The Art of the Bicycle

Delight in the museum’s most fascinating and rarely exhibited bicycles. In the Art of the Bicycle exhibit guests can delight in everything from historic to cool, fast and high-tech bicycles.

Toy Maker 3000

From gathering toy parts, to assembling them, to packing them, Toy Maker 3000 is an exciting exhibit that allows you to discover the manufacturing process of a toy from start to finish.

Transportation Gallery

Climb aboard the engine of the Empire State Express 999, or walk through a United 727, the Transportation Gallery allows guests to explore how humankind has flown, soared, chugged and sped over the years.

U-505 Submarine

This exhibit displays the only German submarine in the United States. Used during WWI and WWII, the submarine is now a national memorial to the 55,000 American sailors who dedicated their lives on the high seas during the World Wars.

*Note: for this attraction, you can participate in the exhibit, however those who want to get on board the submarine, there is an additional charge.

Whispering Gallery

Designed in the form of an ellipsoid, the Whispering Gallery demonstrates the wonders of sound communication. With two arched-shaped dishes placed at either end of the room, whisper directly into one of the dishes to see if the recipient on the other end hears you.

Wright Flyer

Get a glimpse of the reality and daring first flights in the Wright Flyer exhibit. Situated in the east balcony, you’ll discover a carefully crafted replica of the 1903 Wright flyer, the first such replica in the U.S. to achieve powered flight during the centennial year of the Wright Brothers’ first flight.

Yesterday’s Main Street

Stroll along the cobblestone and brick streets of Chicago and delight in old-fashioned storefronts and businesses. Yesterday’s Main Street demonstrates what Chicago would have looked like in the early 1900s.

You! The Experience

Celebrate the experience of life itself. You! The Experience allows you to explore the complex connection between your mind, body and spirit in the 21st century and discover what makes you, you.

The Museum Store

Looking for the perfect gift, or science-inspired keepsake? The Museum Store is home to cool toys, gizmos, books and exhibit related items that you can’t be found anywhere else.  


After you’ve explored the Museum of Science and Industry, refuel in one of the restaurants found in the Brain Food Court. Indulge in freshly made pizzas, made-to-order deli sandwiches, fresh salads, stir fry dishes, grilled items and much more. 

Travel Tips

-All areas inside the Museum of Science and Industry are accessible by wheelchair. 

-Vending machines can be found throughout the museum and offer snacks and bottled drinks for your convenience.