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Laugh Your Yak-Off Show

Laugh out loud at razor sharp humor and explosive comedy with the man who President Ronald Reagan called a “national treasure”. Yakov Smirnoff takes comedy to a whole new level in his Yankov Smirnoff Theatre in Branson, Missouri.

Known for his regular guest appearances on NBC’s award winning sitcom Night Court, appearing in films alongside stars like Tom Hanks, Robin Williams and Jack Nicholson and his live Broadway performances, Ukrainian comedian Yakov Smirnoff has been performing in his Branson theatre since 1992.

From his “America: What a Country” jokes to his “Russian Reversals”, Yakov Smirnoff will blow you away with his hilarious comedy.

See Yakov and You'll Love Him

Yakov Smirnoff

Delight in a performance that showcases laughter’s effects on relationships and Smirnoff’s vision of a world where sadness and tears are replaced with love and happiness. During the show guests will witness Smirnoff’s insightful and laughter-filled philosophies on life, love, family and country through his unique comedic style.


America: What a Country

One of the comedian’s original comedy styles, it wouldn’t be a night with Yakov Smirnoff without one of his classic “America: what a country” skits. Using irony and word play, Smirnoff will have you rolling with laughter as he tells jokes like, “I go to New York and see a sign that says ‘America loves Smirnoff’ and I say to myself what a country.”


Russian Reversal

Originated by Smirnoff, Russian reversal is a type of comedy Smirnoff uses in which he swaps the noun with a “you” and adds “in Soviet Russia” to the start. Don’t be surprised when one of his wonderfully witty Russian reversals has you roaring in unstoppable laughter.

Shopping in the Gift Shop

Find that special something for a loved one or the perfect keepsake to remember your time at the Yakov Smirnoff Show in the theatre’s Gift Shop.