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Exterior View of the Rosemount Museum Explore & Learn at the Rosemount Museum

Visiting Rosemount Museum

Pueblo history awaits you at the Rosemount Museum.  Take a tour of Rosemount Mansion, featuring original furnishings, accessories, decorative arts, paintings, custom paneling, and wall and window treatments. Rosemount Museum also offers dining in the Carriage House Restaurant and a Museum Gift Shop.

Highlights of Rosemount Museum

Rosemount Mansion was built at the cost of $607, 750.000 in the Richardsonian Romanesque style with pink volcanic stone quarried near Castle Rock, Colorado.  The original furnishings, accessories, decorative arts, paintings, custom paneling and wall and window treatments throughout the Mansion reveal stories of the past. As you make your way through Rosemount, you will see beautiful oak, cherry, maple and mahogany woodwork. Features of the Mansion’s golden oak entrance hall include a coffered ceiling and a large Tiffany chandelier. The grand oak staircase near the entrance leads you past an exquisite stained glass window, Kingdoms of Nature. Designed by Charles Booth of New York, the window was installed in memory of Lenore and Albert, children in the Thatcher family who did not live to see Rosemount completed. The Pueblo home includes uniquely different fireplaces throughout. Many of the Mansion’s ceilings are hand-painted with gold leaf accents. Interior windows in the Mansion are used for “borrowed light.” For example, in some of the rooms, you can see a window high up an interior wall across from a window on an exterior wall, allowing outside light to pass through a room into an interior space. These "second light windows" were a very clever way to conserve electricity and use natural light.

Dining at the Carriage House Restaurant at Rosemount Museum

Located on the grounds of the Rosemount Museum, the Carriage House originally functioned as a modern garage does today. Designed by Henry Hudson Holly, it consisted of a tool room, wash room, stables, harness room, carriage room, hay loft and attendant’s apartment. Today the renovated Carriage House Restaurant offers a comfortable place to relax and enjoy delicious food. From creamy tomato soup to cob salads, tuna salad sandwiches to chicken pot pies and Carriage House quiches, an assortment of soups, salads, sandwiches and piping hot entrées are featured on the Carriage House Restaurant’s lunch menu.

Shopping in the Gift Shop at Rosemount

Be sure to browse the Gift Shop at Rosemount, located near the Museum’s entrance. Exclusive Rosemount merchandise including postcards, vanity items, videos, china and various other memorabilia are available to purchase. Additionally, the Gift Shop at Rosemount carries unique Christmas items year round.

Travel Tip

-          Do not forget your camera, from its architectural features to the original artifacts within, there will be exciting photo opportunities during your visit to Rosemount Museum.