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Delve into the rich history, western culture and mysteries that lay behind the great Black Hills at the Journey Museum during a Mount Rushmore bus trip. Explore the ancient upheavals that lead to the formation of the mysterious Black Hills billions of years ago, listen to tales of the Lakota Indians, see where dinosaur remains have been discovered deep beneath the prairie soil and much more. Journey Museum combines its unique prehistoric and historic collections to share the complete story of the incredible Western Great Plains.

The Journey Museum Logo The Journey Museum in Rapid City, SD

Unique Collections

Journey Museum is made up of five fascinating institutions. Each educates its visitors to appreciate the importance of the past and the impact it has on the present and future. From the perspectives of the very individuals who shaped the past of the Western Great Plains to scientists views today, explore the many artifacts found through archaeological methods, see incredible remains discovered by palaeontologists and learn fascinating information about the earth as you navigate through the Journey Museum . 

Experience All it Has To Offer

The Archaeological Research Center

Discover artifacts over 10,000 years old provided by the South Dakota Archaeological Research Center. Not only will you discover the ancient artifacts that fit many missing puzzle pieces and solve some of Black Hills’ biggest mysteries, but you will also be able to examine and touch the pieces that are thought to come from early ancestors, ancient hunters and nineteenth century miners. Help solve mysteries of the past, visit archaeological digs and speak to archaeologists about remains buried deep in the soil of the West.


The Museum of Geology and Palaeontology

The Museum of Geology and Palaeontology will take you on an adventure of a lifetime. From the immeasurable abyss that represents billions of years of time to the incredible cross section that demonstrates the formation of the Black Hills over a course of 2.5 billion years, geological and paleontological findings reveal some of the earth’s greatest mysteries. Learn about rock formations that guard gold, fossils that prove the existence of dinosaurs and examine authentic dinosaur bones.


The Minnilusa Pioneer Museum

The Minnilusa Pioneer Museum takes and exciting look at the mountain men, miners and military expeditions to first set foot in the Black Hills. Follow interactive story walls as they explore important events like the European’s first encounters of the Black Hills, historic battles, modern-day reconciliation with Wounded Knee and other incredible events of the Black Hills’ past. Lives of some of the Black Hills’ most famous individuals such as General George Armstrong Custer, Wild Bill Hickcock and great Sioux leaders like Crazy Horse will be sure to leave a lasting impression.


The Sioux Indian Museum

One of the 3 museums administered by the Indian Arts and Crafts Board, the Sioux Indian Museum, brings ancient Indian culture and arts to life. While the 200 year timeline takes visitors back to the start of the Lakota people and allows you to watch their story unfold, you can also hear firsthand accounts of their daily lives from Lakota elders. Unique tales of Lakota legends and traditions told by an authentic Lakota storyteller will get you in the spirit of the Sioux and help you build a greater appreciation for the heritage the Lakota people value and love.