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Montreal's Underground City, Montreal, Canada

Beneath the city streets of downtown Montreal, delight in the sights and sounds of the Underground City during a Montreal and Quebec City bus tour. One of the largest underground complexes in the world, Montreal’s Underground City was started in 1962 when a shopping center under Montreal’s first modern skyscraper was built as a way to seek shelter from the freezing winter temperatures.

Underground City in Montreal, Quebec

Underground City in Montreal, Quebec

Montreal's Underground City, Montreal, Quebec

Shopping Awaits You in the Underground City

Underground City in Montreal, Quebec Underground City in Montreal, Quebec
Montreal's Underground City, Montreal, Quebec Shopping Awaits You in the Underground City

Visiting Montreal’s Underground City

Today the Underground City is the largest of its kind. Spanning 19 miles of the downtown core, it links to a number of shopping malls, over 200 restaurants, 30 movie theaters, museums, entertainment venues, hotels, offices and more. From Central Station to the Montreal World Trade Center, see the remarkable highlights of the Underground City during your time in Montreal.
Central Station
An important link to the Underground City with tunnels leading to Place Ville-Marie, Place Bonaventure, Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth, 1000 de la Gauchetière and the Bonaventure Metro Station; Central Station is one highlight of the Underground City you won’t want to miss. Bustling with crowds, you can find the main concourse on rue de la Gauchetière West. Occupying almost the entire block, Central Station can be recognized by the art deco bas-relief friezes on both its interior and exterior. 
Montreal Metro
Consisting of 68 stations on four lines, the Montreal Metro was inspired by the Paris Metro. With numerous stations throughout the Underground City, the Metro is an integral part of the underworld making it easy for locals and tourists to get from point A to point B without ever leaving Montreal’s Underground City.
Atrium 1000 Skating Rink
Lit by the sun that shines through the immense glass dome overhead, Atrium 1000’s skating rink offers indoor ice skating, shopping, dining and many other activities. Located on the first floor of Le 1000 de la Gauchetière, the tallest building in the entire province of Quebec, it links to the Underground City, Central Station and Bonaventure Metro Station.  
Montreal World Trade Center
A true indoor village, the Montreal World Trade Center occupies a large city block in Old Montreal which compromises historic buildings that have been fully renovated and linked together by a spectacular glass-covered promenade. Considered part of the Underground City due to its central connection, this chic, multipurpose complex boasts a great shopping gallery with over 20 boutiques, restaurants, cafés and service outlets. 
Promenades of the Cathedral
Below Christ Church Cathedral in the heart of downtown Montreal is the Underground City’s Promenades of the Cathedra. A fashion and food universe featuring more than 60 boutiques and restaurants, you’ll discover one-of-a-kind items in the boutiques and a cross-section of eateries. 

Shopping and Dining in Montreal’s Underground City

Shopping in Montreal’s Underground City
From Les Cours Mont-Royal to Complexe Desjardins, breeze through downtown Montreal’s major shopping malls via the Montreal Metro. Connecting shoppers from 1,600 to 2,000 stores, the underground city has double the amount of shops found in the West Edmonton Mall, North America’s biggest shopping mall.
Dining in Montreal’s Underground City
Boasting over 50 restaurants and 300 food court venues, the Underground City is overflowing with choice. Try everything from traditional Canadian Poutine to international cuisine.