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Museum of the Bible

Located two blocks from Washington D’.C.’s National Mall and three blocks from the nation’s Capitol, Museum of the Bible is housed in a 430,000-square-foot building and provides visitors with an immersive and personalized experience of the Bible. 

Exterior View of Museum of the Bible Exterior View of Museum of the Bible
Explore Interactive Exhibits Explore Interactive Exhibits
Journey through the History of the Bible Journey through the History of the Bible
View Thousands of Artifacts View Thousands of Artifacts

About the Bible

Written over the span of 16 centuries by over 40 authors and containing 66 books, the Bible is considered by Jewish and Christian faiths a product of divine inspiration and a record of the relationship between God and humans.  With an estimated five billion copies sold, the Bible is considered one of the best-selling books of all time and a major influence on literature and history.

Visiting Museum of the Bible

From the 40-foot-tall bronze doors at the Bible museum’s entrance to the roof-top garden, explore over six floors of permanent and temporary exhibits that span the time, space and cultures of the Bible. The Museum Collections include artifacts and objects from a range of cultures and time periods, from the Ancient Near East to the modern period. The permanent collection focuses on biblical items, manuscripts, printed Bibles and books, and art. These collections allow the Museum of the Bible to convey the global impact and compelling history of the Bible in a unique and powerful way. Stop by the museum’s rooftop restaurant to enjoy food from the Bible times. Gifts and keepsakes are available for purchase in the museum’s Gift Shop.

Highlights of Museum of the Bible

Bronze Doors

Stop to admire the grandeur of the bronze doors as you enter the museum.  Standing 40 feet high, the bronze doors feature an architectural recreation of the printing bed of the first page of Genesis from the Gutenberg Bible. 

First Floor

Start your visit with an introductory presentation on the first floor of the museum. Over 12,500 square feet of exhibition space features changing exhibits. Don’t forget to look up. The digital lobby ceiling is an awe-inspiring 140-foot digital canvas that rotates throughout the day, setting the tone for what’s to come beyond the museum’s lobby.

The Impact of the Bible

Make your way to the second floor of the museum to discover The Impact of the Bible. State-of-the-art exhibits bring to life the impact the Bible had over time on cultures, civilizations and daily life including its influence on fine arts, science, government, music and film.

The Narratives of the Bible

On the third floor of Museum of the Bible, walk through the narratives of the Hebrew text, from the Book of Genesis to the Book of Chronicles. The Narrative of the Bible will also take you through first-century Nazareth, ending with the story of the New Testament.

The History of the Bible

Discover the history of the Bible. On the fourth floor of the museum galleries journey through the Bible from its origins as a series of writings accessible to a select few, through its changes in form and adoption by different faith traditions, to it being the most widely read text in history.

Performing Arts Theater

Experience one-of-a-kind performances on the fifth floor of Museum of the Bible. The 500-seat performance theater is inspired by the sacred tabernacle of Moses’ time and uses a digital 3-D mapping technique to transform the theater into an immersive experience that will put you at the center of the production.

Rooftop Gardens

On the sixth floor of the museum is its rooftop gardens.Wander Museum of the Bible’s rooftop biblical garden boasting picturesque views of Washington’s major landmarks such as the Capitol, Washington Monument, National Museum of the American Indian, The Smithsonian Institution and the Botanical Gardens.

Shopping and Dining


The spirit of the festive Middle Eastern outdoor marketplace comes to life on the sixth floor of the museum. Try Bible foods such as flatbreads and date honey or traditional Jewish foods such as falafels and hummus, prepared in the museum’s unique Israeli-Mediterranean street food café.

Gift Shop

If time permits, stop by the museum’s Gift Shop.  Located on the first floor of the museum, the Gift Shop carries items related to Museum of the Bible such as books and bibles, educational materials, entertainment, fashion and jewellery, gifts and keepsakes and home décor and accents.

Travel Tips

-  Museum of the Bible is ADA compliant.

-   Ask about Museum of the Bible’s digital guides, state-of-the-art handheld museum navigation systems. Features include group coordination, restaurant reservations and personalized individual or group-guided tours.