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Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks

With operations dating back 200 years and spanning eight generations, the Morse family has perfected the process of maple syrup production. Nestled in a beautiful location just outside the Vermont capital of Montpelier, the current owner Burr Morse has maintained the old-time feel of the farm for visitors.

Here you can tour the sugar house to see how maple syrup makes it from the tree to your table as well as explore the other attractions the farm offers.

What to Expect at the Sugarworks

During the tour, you will be given an overview of how maple syrup is produced, and you’ll have the opportunity to sample some right on the spot. You can also sample other maple-flavored foods like maple butter and maple popcorn. Before or after the tour, make sure to check out the Woodshed Theatre, a unique building with walls made of sugar wood. Inside is a multimedia display narrated by Harry Morse, a sixth generation member of the family, and the theater also includes artifacts related to maple syrup production for you to browse.

You can explore the outdoor farm life museum, which includes an antique replica of the Vermont State House. There is also a gift shop, where you can buy souvenirs that are country and Vermont themed, including crafts, candy, and maple syrup in all sizes and varieties. And don’t leave without getting a maple syrup soft serve treat, referred to as “creemee” by the locals.

Travel Tips

If you have time during your visit, make sure to check out the trails that lead to the trees where the maple syrup production process begins every year.