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Ben & Jerry's Factory Tour

Founded in a renovated gas station in 1978, this Vermont icon has become famous around the country and internationally. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield’s company is constantly developing new flavors for its customers, and specializes in uniquely-themed flavors. The company frequently releases new ice cream flavors that have a cultural, political, or social meaning or theme behind them, such as Cherry Garcia (named after the former lead singer of the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia), but it also produces a wide variety of more traditional flavors.  Today, the Ben & Jerry’s brand is worth over one billion dollars.

What to Expect on the Tour

Nestled in Vermont’s Green Mountains, the Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour is a great opportunity to take a fun tour in a picturesque location. This fully guided factory tour will show you the complete ice cream making process, starting with a short video on how the company was founded by Ben and Jerry.

You will then be led on a tour of the factory floor, where you can see ice cream being made as your guide discusses the stages of production. The factory produces 190,000 pints of ice cream a day, which is equal to 110 pints a minute. You will see the manufacturing process and have the opportunity to stop by the Flavoroom to try out some samples of freshly made ice cream after the tour.

Travel Tips

After the tour, check out the Scoop Shop where you can buy cones, milkshakes, and sundaes — or sample some new Ben & Jerry’s flavors.

There is also a gift shop where you can purchase Ben & Jerry’s-themed hats, t-shirts, and mugs.