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The Delta Riverboat Tour, Nashville, Tennessee

Climb aboard one of the Gaylord Opryland’s Mississippi-style, Delta Flatboats and take a leisurely ride down the Delta River, part of our Nashville motorcoach trip.

Found in the Delta, one of the Gaylord Opryland Hotel’s three atriums, the Delta River is made up of water samples from 1,700 rivers from regions around the globe including samples from every registered river in the United States.

From the exotic plants to a number of animal species, Delta Riverboat Tours offers an afternoon of relaxation and exploration.  

Delta River Flatboats

Delta River Flatboats

View of the Delta Atrium

View of the Delta Atrium

Delta Atrium

Delta Atrium

Delta River Flatboats - Dining

Plenty of Dining Options Available

Delta River Flatboats Delta River Flatboats
View of the Delta Atrium View of the Delta Atrium
Delta Atrium Delta Atrium
Delta River Flatboats - Dining Plenty of Dining Options Available

One of Nashville’s Favorite Attractions

During your tour of the Delta River, a tour guide will take you on a relaxing 15-minute journey down the Delta River and provide you with interesting facts about the Gaylord Opryland Resort and its gardens.

Delta Garden

Considered the heart of the hotel for its scenic surroundings and romantic ambiance, the Delta Garden is home to hundreds of plant and animal species. Marvel in lush gardens, exotics plants, soothing waterfalls and fascinating wildlife as you make your way down the Delta-River.

Delta Island, A Shopping and Dining Experience

Featuring an 85-foot fountain, three waterfalls, an amphitheater, unique artisan shops and a variety of restaurants, you’ll experience the vibrant atmosphere of Delta Island from the serenity of your Mississippi-style flatboat.

The Delta Atrium’s Glass Roof

Don’t forget to look up! The Delta Atrium is covered in 250 pounds of glass panels that stretch the length of seven football fields. A remarkable sight to see, the glass roof wasn’t just built as a wow factor. The glass panels provide one of the safest places in town should a storm arrive. Built with durability, the panels can withstand wind speeds of up to 140 miles an hour and golf ball sized hail.

Danny the 80-pound Catfish

Look out for Danny, the 80-pound catfish during your Delta Riverboat Ride. Often found near the rock bed and plants, his remarkable size is simply an amazing sight to see.


After your Delta Riverboat Tour, head back to Delta Island to soak in the vibrant atmosphere and refuel at one of their fine eateries, if you’re lucky, you might even catch one of the fountain shows!

Old Hickory Steak House

Set in an antebellum-style mansion with views of the indoor river, the Old Hickory Steak House is the Gaylord Opryland’s finest restaurant. Indulge in succulent cowboy bone-in-rib steak or filet mignon and don’t forget to treat yourself to something off the restaurants award-winning wine list.

Paisano's Pizzaria & Vino

Overlooking the Delta River and the fantastic fountains in the Delta Atrium, indulge in fine Italian classics like pizza, pasta and salad in Paisano’s Pizzaria & Vino.


Serving traditional American fare including burgers, fries and shakes, the Stax is the perfect place to reenergize after an afternoon in the Delta Atrium.


Cool down with ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt, whatever you’re craving, Häagen-Dazs will satisfy your sweet tooth.

The Fountain Shows

Boasting rushing water perfectly choreographed with music and special effects, fountain shows take place in the Delta Atrium throughout the day and can be seen from some of the atrium’s eateries. Your tour guide will be able to give you detailed information about the fountain shows in the Delta Atrium.

Travel Tips

  • The Delta Riverboat Tour is accessible by wheelchair. 


  • Don’t forget your camera. There will be exciting photo opportunities during your Delta Riverboat Tour.