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Coral Castle Museum

Edward Leedskalnin was rejected by his one true love, Agnes Scuffs, the night before they were supposed to be married. Shattered by his loss, Ed embarked on a journey to create a monument in honor of his lost love that is known today as one of the world’s most remarkable accomplishments, Coral Castle. On the Register of National Historic Places since 1984, Coral Castle Museum draws visitors looking to uncover the mystery of how one man single-handedly and secretly carved over 1,100 tons of stone.

Visiting Coral Castle Museum

Learn about Edward Leedskalnin and the history of Coral Castle as you explore this unique location. Audio stands throughout feature important facts and information while knowledgeable tour guides present a more in-depth and personal look into this stone sculpture garden. Be sure to stop by the Coral Castle Store to shop one-of-a-kind gifts and keepsakes.

Highlights of Coral Castle Museum

Explore 1,100 tons of coral in the form of walls, carvings, furniture and a castle tower and see if you can uncover how a 5-foot-tall, 100-pound man built Coral Castle Museum over the span of a mere 28 years.

The Perimeter Wall

The perimeter wall was made using 8-foot tall vertical stones of uniform height. The wall has withstood the test of time despite events like Category 5 Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

The Castle Tower

See the two-story castle tower made of 8-foot-high pieces of stone. During his days in Leisure City, Ed used the Castle Tower as his living quarters.

Carvings and Furniture

A sundial said to be accurate to within two minutes; a Polaris telescope; an obelisk; a barbecue; a water well; a fountain; and celestial stars and planets are some of the carvings you will come across at the Coral Castle Museum. Pieces of furniture can also be found. Sit at the table in the shape of a heart or another in the shape of the state of Florida, relax in one of the surprisingly comfortable stone rocking chairs that resemble a crescent moon, or try out one of the stone beds. With few exceptions, objects are made from single pieces of stone weighing on average 15 tons each, with the largest stone weighing 30 tons and the tallest standing at 25 feet.

The 9-ton Gate

Open the 9-ton Gate with the ease of a finger. Originally called Rock Gate, it may be one of the most remarkable features of Coral Castle Museum. Featured in television programs In Search of and That’s Incredible, the gate is carved to fit within a quarter of an inch of the walls. The original gate was so well balanced, it is reported it could be opened by a child with the push of a finger. Answers to how the gate revolved with such ease were answered when it stopped working in 1986 and had to be repaired. Ed had centred and balanced the gate by drilling a hole from top to bottom and inserting a metal shaft. The rock rested on an old truck bearing.

Shop the Coral Castle Store

Be sure to stop by the Coral Castle Store. Apparel, books, DVDS, replicas of Coral Castle, spoons, stuffed toys and other treasures are available for purchase. Don’t forget to look for copies of Ed’s written works including, A Book in Every Home, Magnetic Current and Mineral, Vegetable and Animal Life.

Travel Tip

- Coral Castle Museum is ADA compliant.