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Uncover the Culture and History of Lancaster County

Delve into the rich history and culture of one of Pennsylvania’s early German settlements at Landis Valley Museum and Village during a Lancaster bus trip in Pennsylvania.

Opened by brothers Henry and George Landis in 1925 at their Landis Valley residence, the museum has expanded over the years through collecting, protecting and interpreting Lancaster County’s 18th and 19th century village and farm life. Today, Landis Valley welcomes guests from near and far to explore the museum, its historical surroundings and over 100 acres of the scenic land. 

Landis Valley Farm Museum & Village Landis Valley Museum & Village
Farming using 18th & 19th Century Techniques Farming using 18th & 19th Century Techniques
Historical Home at Landis Valley Museum & Village Historical Home at Landis Valley near Lancaster PA
Antiques at Landis Valley farm museum and village Landis Valley Farm Museum Antiques
Oxen at Landis Valley, Lancaster PA Oxen at Landis Valley

The Living History Tour

A living history village and farm, Landis Valley Museum allows you to step back in time as costumed tour guides take you on a journey through the crossroads village. From interpretations and demonstrations of the historical surroundings, to the creation and exploration of the museum’s collection of unique artifacts, relive many of the daily activities experienced by farmers, craftsmen, tradesmen and merchants and discover what is considered by many as ‘the best kept secret in Pennsylvania’ during your two and a half tour of Landis Valley Museum and Village.


Start with an Award Winning Video

Start your time in Landis Valley Museum with a 13-minute, award winning video.  From the Pennsylvania German culture to the history of Landis Valley over the years, the video will give you a brief background that will help you to have a better understanding of what you will seeing during your time in Landis Valley.


See the History of Lancaster Come to Life

After your introductory video, head outdoors and discover what a day in the life of a settler would have been like during the Victorian era. Landis Valley Museum’s living history presentations will give you a better understanding of the past by allowing you to witness it for yourself. At the Tavern see kitchens, hearths and bake ovens used by the women of the17th and 18th centuries and learn about Pennsylvania Dutch food. Visit the Old Country Store and even see the homes of the Landis Brothers and other important German settlers. At the 1856 Landis Valley House Hotel you can indulge in samples of traditional sticky buns, snitz and cider.


The Farming Community at Landis

As you visit the historic village you will learn about the first members of the Landis family and see how they grew their food.  Historic agricultural equipment and animal breeds as well as traditional 17th and 18th century farming methods are used to this day to grow crops authentic to the period.  Don’t forget to ask about the Heirloom Seed Project. This unique project proudly preserves over 240 varieties of seeds, the same seeds that would have been found in the pockets of the German settlers two centuries ago.


Shopping at the WeatherVane

After you’ve explored the dirt roads of the historic village and uncovered the history and culture of its people, stop by the WeatherVane. From quality handcrafted goods to a selection of traditional 17th and 18th century books, toys and games, you can find the perfect keepsake to remember your time at Landis Valley Museum, or that special gift for a loved one.



  • Ensure you wear appropriate clothing and footwear. 


  • Most of the grounds at Landis Valley Museum are wheelchair accessible. If you or someone in your party is handicapped, let your reservations agent know ahead of time, so that the museum can be sure to accommodate your group in the most convenient and comfortable setting.
Historical Farming, Lancaster PA Landis Valley Preserves Historical Farming
Daily Activities at Landis Valley Village Relive Many Daily Village Activities
Historical Character at Landis Valley Museum Historical Character at Landis Valley Museum
Amish farmer, Lancaster County PA Amish Farmer in Lancaster County
Animal Life at Landis Valley, Lancaster PA Animal Life at Landis Valley
Ducks at landis valley, Lancaster PA Ducks at Landis Valley