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Horse and Carriage Tour of Charleston

Take a horse and carriage tour of the beautiful town of Charleston, included as part of this Charleston bus tour. With antebellum architecture and acres of cultivated beauty, this city has a lot to offer. Its history is just as rich, not to mention the fact that there are numerous tourist attractions spread throughout the city.  If you want to see the best of Charleston, how about doing so on a carriage? The horse drawn carriage tours take you throughout the city, so you get to experience Charleston charm at its best in a unique and fun way.

About the Carriage Tour

The tour is run by Charleston’s oldest carriage tour firm. With carriages ridden by the most experienced coachmen in this side of the world. This ride will make you feel like royalty and allows you to take in all the beautiful sceneries and attractions that Charleston has to offer.

What to see

The carriage tours are organized to last for about 60 minutes though can be shorter depending on the weather, among other factors. Every tour takes you through a few of Charleston’s top attractions and the good thing is that each tour comes with a knowledgeable guide who is happy to point out all the attractions while giving a brief about each one of them.

Carriage Ride through the Residential District

The carriage ride takes the visitors to about 30 blocks of the historic downtown district. Here, you get to see churches, unique architecture, parks, gardens, and the best that the holy city has to offer. The downtown district can feel like a walk through memory lane and it is hard to miss all the historic buildings found in this area. This guided tour is quite fun not to mention the fact that the guides are quite knowledgeable of Charleston’s rich history.