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Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai

Located in the entertainment district of Branson, the Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai takes guests on a fantastic voyage into the Orient and has been awarded “Branson’s Best Acrobat Show.” The production showcases the incredible art of acrobatics, and features 40 of the most talented acrobats from Shanghai, China.

Incredible acts Incredible acts
Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai
Talented acrobatic performers Talented acrobatic performers
Breathtaking displays Breathtaking displays

What to Expect at the Show

The show takes place at the beautiful Grand Shanghai Theatre. The theater has 974 cushioned seats and features replicas of 2,500-year-old Chinese artifacts, including bronzeware and terra cotta warriors. The show will keep you on the edge of your seat with stunning aerial acrobatics, foot juggling, mask changing, feats of human strength and more. Each performer has a unique skill set, and the entire cast combines forces to create a truly unique experience for audiences. Everything from the elegant costumes to beautiful set design to top-notch sound and lighting will blow you away. The performer acrobatic acts also include yo-yo tricks, spinning plates, riding unicycles, balancing acts, scaling 20-foot high stacks of chairs, kung fu and more.

You’ll feel as if you have been dropped right into the heart of the Orient with a production that remains faithful to the original shows that are performed across Asia. To keep the show fresh, performers and acrobatic stunts are rotated frequently. The show also includes dance, magic, and comedy, and the content is enjoyable for any and all ages. In addition to being entertained, you will also learn quite a bit. Throughout the show, a narrator shares with the audience the significance of the acrobatic acts and how they tie into the rich culture and heritage of China.

Travel Tips

- During the show, you are allowed to use your camera to capture still photos. However, please do not use flash photography.

- The Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai show is about two hours in length with a 15 minute intermission.

- After the show, be sure to head to the lobby where the performers chat with audience members, take pictures and sign autographs.