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Creation Museum, Petersburg, Kentucky

Visit the Creation Museum, bringing the pages of the Bible to life, as part of this group motorcoach vacation package. Located in Petersburg, Kentucky, the Creation Museum was opened by the Creationist apologetics ministry Answers in Genesis in May of 2007 to share a Young Earth creationist explanation of the origins of the universe based on a literal interpretation of the Genesis creation narrative.

Experience Biblical recreations Experience Biblical recreations
Be inspired in the beautiful gardens Be inspired in the beautiful gardens
Explore state-of-the-art exhibits Explore state-of-the-art exhibits
See the Bible come to life! See the Bible come to life!

Visiting the Creation Museum

During your visit to the Creation Museum, witness God’s redemptive plan through history as you explore over 160 exhibits throughout the state-of-the-art 75,000-square-foot facility. Outdoors, the Creation Museum boasts more than a mile of paved and accessible trails that wind through beautifully themed gardens and past the museum’s three-acre lake. If time permits, you can enjoy shopping at the Dragon Hall Bookstore.

The Main Hall

Animatronic dinosaurs and children will greet you as you enter the museum’s Main Hall. Waterfall, towering tree, large aquarium and live animal exhibits can be explored throughout this space.


Discover how man and animals are different despite the similarities in their skeletons. In Homology biologist Dr. David Menton talks about the differences between man and animals.

The Dig Site

View the findings of an old coal mine, fossil displays and a dinosaur skeleton under excavation and discover why two scientists might come to different conclusions about the same evidence they find in The Dig Site.

Starting Points

Why does the same evidence often result in completely different interpretations? In Starting Points find out why the different views about origins are in conflict.


In many natural history museums Lucy is signifcant as she represents a member of the same line from which the modern human arose, a missing piece to the puzzle of evoultion. See how Lucy is represented from a bibical starting point as high-tech holograms give an inside look into Lucy’s anatomy.

Biblical Authority

Discover how the Bible has been praised and critisized throughout history in Biblical Authority. Displays include a replica of a Gutenberg printing press, information about Martin Luther and explore the effects of the Scopes Trial.

Biblical Relevance

Learn how the Bible has survived throughout history in Biblical Relevance. Exhibits that explore the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947 and the survival of thousands of New Testament manuscripts demonstrate how God’s Word has withstood the test of time.

Culture in Crisis

Culture in Crisis examines what happens when the Bible is taken out of a culture. As you explore the exhibit, you will come across “real-life” examples of how compromising God’s Word has harmed the church and the family.

Six Days Theater

Learn about creation in the Six Days Theater. The six day story of creation told in The Book of Genesis unfolds throughout this wide-screen video presentation.

Wonder Room

After you witness the six day story of creation, visit the Wonder Room. Scientifcally backing up the six days of creation, the exhibit beautifully displays the intricate detail and care of God’s creation through 15 different videos.


Creation explores the beginning. Learn how Adam named the animals, experience what the Garden of Eden might have been like, discover why God created Eve,  observe the tree of life and witness God’s first commandment.


Discover what happened after Adam and Eve disobeyed God and the numerous effects sin has had on the universe in Corruption. Additional displays include an animatronic Methuselah that provides an oral history of what happened to Adam’s descendents.

Noah’s Ark Construction Site and The Voyage of the Ark

Think about the construction, tools and skills that would be needed to build a boat large enough to survive a worldwide flood as you view Noah’s Ark Construction Site’s full-scale cross-section of the Ark.  Then head to Voyage of the Ark, addressing the ways in which Noah and his family looked after all the animal kinds aboard the Ark.

Flood Geology Room

Need proof of the worldwide flood during Noah’s day? The Flood Geology Room examines the evidence through numerous videos, detailed signs, a breathtaking mural and dioramas of Mount St. Helens and Arizona’s Grand Canyon.

Natural Selection Not Evolution

Discover the truths of  natural selection in Natural Selection Not Evolution. The exhibit features a cave aquarium that houses blind cave fish that demonstrate how natural selection allows organisms to adapt, but not evolve.

Botanical Gardens

Outdoors, more than a mile of paved and accessible trails allow you to explore God’s creation. Waterfalls and fountains offer ample photo opportunities. Topiary dinosaurs and more than 550 varieties of plants showcase the exotic locations of God’s creation. View river birches, weeping junipers, perennials, bog plants and carnivorous plants above the verdant bog. Colorful goldfish surrounded by bamboo can be found in the oriental-themed pond.

Shopping at the Dragon Hall Bookstore

If time permits, visit the Dragon Hall Bookstore. In this medieval-themed environment, a variety of gifts, toys and books are available for purchase.

Travel Tips

- Snacks and drinks can be purchased from Noah’s Café, located off the main lobby of the Creation Museum.  Enjoy cookies, muffins, ICEEs, and a full line of Pepsi products. Be sure to ask about gluten-free and vegetarian options at Noah’s Café.

- Wheelchairs are available from Guest Services on a first-come, first-served basis.

- Don’t forget your camera. Photography is welcome throughout the museum’s permanent exhibits and Botanical Gardens.