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L.W. Paul Living History Farm

The L.W. Paul Living History Farm in Conway, South Carolina was founded by Larry Paul, a local businessman with strong ties to the farming community. The farm was built to depict what farming and domestic life was like for a Horry County family from 1900 to 1955, and it serves to educate present and future generations about agricultural life that is important in this area of the country.

Affiliated with the Horry County Museum, the farm also preserves and protects objects and artifacts related to the culture and history of this time period of American agricultural life.

Crops growing on the farm Crops growing on the farm
Daisy the Milk Cow Daisy the Milk Cow
Farm Smokehouse and Plows Farm Smokehouse and Plows
Plowing with Minnie the Mule Plowing with Minnie the Mule

What to Expect at the L.W. Paul Historic Farm

Guests who visit the 17-acre L.W. Paul Historic Farm will get a sense of what it was like to live in a rural farming community during the first half of the twentieth century. The farm includes a variety of reconstructed buildings — a farmhouse, horse stables, and various outbuildings that all feature interiors that are authentic to the time period. As you tour the farm, costumed interpreters take part in activities that would have gone on back then, including cow milking, tobacco stringing, soap making, vegetable canning, and cooking. Interpreters interact with visitors and are happy to answer questions you may have about the daily workings of the farm.

During your visit, you will notice that it is a working farm. You will see the fields filled with a variety of vegetables, sugarcane, and tobacco that are periodically plowed by a mule who lives in one of the stables. The activities you see up close vary depending on what time of year you visit.

Travel Tips

L.W. Paul Living History Farm has a gift shop with high-quality items including books, jams, toys, syrups made right on the farm, and more.